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The School District of Osceola County, Florida - Helping the Environment

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The School District of Osceola County, Florida - Virtual Backpack Program

The following flyers have been approved for posting on this site. The School District does not endorse or recommend any of the companies/programs listed below.

Flyer Name School Start Date End Date  Flyer
City of St. Cloud Self Defense Classes All 8/18/2014 9/11/2014   Click here for Flyer.
City of Kissimmee Cheerleading classes All Elementary and Middle 8/12/2014 9/30/20104 Click here for Flyer. Click here for Flyer.
Fall Dance Registration After School Program


Chestnut, Koa, Poinciana Academy, Discovery, Reedy Creek, Liberty, and Poinciana High

8/5/2014 10/5/2014   Click here for Flyer.
Architecture, Construction, Engineering for Students All High Schools 8/4/2014 9/29/2014   Click here for Flyer.
Osceola County Human Services Picture Drawing Contest All Elementary Schools 8/4/2014 9/25/2014   Click here for Flyer.
Kissimmee Basketball Association After School Program All Schools 8/1/2014 6/30/2015   Click here for Flyer.
Poinciana Youth Sports Association Soccer and Basketball Registration All Elementary and Middle 8/1/2014 9/30/2014   Click here for Flyer.
Florida Department of Health in Osceola County
Family Dental Home Program
All Schools 5/27/2014 8/27/2014   Click here for Flyer.
┬áJunior Tournament Golf Clinics All Schools 5/16/2014 9/1/2014   Click here for Flyer.
Summer Junior Golf Camp All Schools 4/15/2014 8/20/2014   Click here for Flyer.